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The Clark County Antique & Collectible Show

returns for its 8th Annual!

Vendors from all over the U.S. are slated to participate,

plus the Clark County Historical Society presents their exhibit

‘Road to Equality: the Struggle for Women’s Rights in the NW’


Portland, Ore.   Mostly this event is a treasure hunt for things from your past to your grandmother’s past. The show returns this January 19th & 20th with many thousands of outstanding vintage items ranging from period lighting to estate jewelry and everything in between. 400 booths fill 50,000 square feet at the Clark County Event Center. If you are a treasure hunter, decorator, collector or just like to find pieces from your past, the Clark County Antique & Collectible Show is for you.  Visit for more info and to buy tickets online!


At the Clark County Antique & Collectible Show patrons can buy pop collectibles, vintage clothing, glassware, silverware, antique radios from the 1930’s, turn-of-the-century furniture, movie memorabilia, collectible toys, sports memorabilia. If you’re a fan of collectible toys, this show is for you!  Look for wind-up mechanical toys, porcelain dolls, Star Wars collectibles, Sci-Fi books and comics and much more.  Toys are often what adults reminisce about when antique toys are mentioned.  If you grew up in the 1970’s –– sit-coms and movies bring back similar memories. This show makes those childhood memories come to life, with displays and items for sale from vendors featuring antique toys, from play trucks, planes and trains to 1860s cast-iron toys, German and Japanese tin-toys and steel mechanical banks.


Also at the Antique & Collectible Show - for the more classic collector, be sure to look for sterling silver pieces, Tiffany glass, bronzes, paintings, restored vintage radios (both console and table top), Native American artifacts and of course toys from the 1880’s to the 1960’s, and much more all at the Clark County Antique & Collectible Show.  Home decorators can find furniture in American, European, 1890s golden oak, mahogany and country styles. One of our star exhibitors is Zephyr Books from downtown Vancouver. Owner Kol Shaver covers every era and type of book, ranging from gorgeous volumes on N.W. History to Nancy Drew and the books that baby boomers remember with so much affection. More than 400 booths and hundreds of vendors will be selling making this the largest antique show in SW Washington


The Clark County is presenting their exhibit entitled ‘Road to Equality: the Struggle for Women’s Rights in the NW’

Washington Women gained and kept the right to vote in 1910. Oregon Women gained and kept the right to vote in 1912. On the National level women received the right to vote in 1920. From the victory of the 19th Amendment to the struggle to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, many women – and  men as well – worked their entire adult lives to secure women’s rights.  Today, in the Northwest and across the United States, women have made inroads into formerly male-dominated fields including politics and commerce, but it has been a long road and large disparities still remain.  The exhibit will challenge as well as educate and entertain as you learn more about some of the local heroines from pioneer times until today.



Palmer/Wirfs & Associates has been producing Antique & Collectible Shows since 1981 in Portland, Puyallup and Clark County and have always brought an abundance of interesting collectors and businesses.  Whatever your passion in collecting and decorating – don’t miss the largest show of its kind in Clark County.  For more information be sure to visit the web site: Admission is $6.00 and parking is $6.00.


Do you have treasures in your attic? Expert appraisers will be on hand to identify and evaluate show patrons individual pieces if brought to the show.   Its only $5.00 per item and yes you can bring photos of larger pieces in your collection (no need to rent a U-Haul).  These market evaluations are offered by ISA appraisers (the top in the industry).


Show Hours:                     Saturday:             9:00 am to 6:00 pm         

                                             Sunday:                10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Admission:                        $6.00 good for both days


ONLINE:                             Buy your tickets at


Parking:                              $6.00 at the Event Center