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Jennie Fiendish

Jennie Fiendish, CVT, VTS (Behavior) is a nationally recognized speaker on animal behavior and training.

Jennie is passionate about education and the promotion of scientifically based training principles and the positive impact that they make on the lives of humans and animals. She is the owner of Happy Power Behavior and Training (in Portland, OR) and is also the Executive Director of the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (a national non-profit organization).

In her free time, Jenn enjoys equestrian sports, reading, and is an avid crocheter. Her ‘pack’ includes three hairless dogs, two geese, a snake, and one very patient husband.

Pepa the Painted Pony

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Be sure to stop by the Kid's Corral this year! There will be lots of fun, family-oriented events and attractions.

One of the main attractions will be Pepa, a PATH certified therapy horse. Pepa becomes a "Living Art Project" with the help of children's hands and a little colorful paint.

Louis Bruhnke

Louis Bruhnke is a flight paramedic, EMS administrator, disaster planner, and private pilot living on the north coast of California.

Louis received a B.A. in International Relations from the American University in Paris, France, and a Masters in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. From 1988 to 1993, together with his Russian friend Vladimir Fissenko, Louis rode horseback from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina, to Deadhorse on the North Slope of Alaska. Louis wrote extensively about the trip, and, along with Vladimir, videotaped over 250 hours of their adventure. Renowned documentary producer Tom Jennings used their footage and images to create the award-winning film "20,000 Miles on a Horse."

Movie & Popcorn Night

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On Friday night, March 2nd, Louis Bruhnke is hosting a movie and popcorn night for the Horse Expo! Popcorn will be provided by Les Schwab Tires. Louis will show his incredible documentary, "20,000 Miles on a Horse" with live commentary from one of the gentleman who completed the 5 1/2 journey from the tip of South America to the Arctic Ocean.

Morgan & Endo

Morgan and Endo’s story continues...

Endo lost both of his eyes to moon blindness, but that doesn’t slow him down! With guidance from his owner, Morgan Wagner, they have travelled the country to compete in Working Equitation. “It was the ability to jump, without having to stop first that was holding us back. Without that stop, we could be taking the top spots in the competition,”said Morgan. True to form, she didn’t let a small thing like taking a blind horse over a jump at a canter stand in their way for very long. “We have been working on jumping the fly.”

Catch Morgan and Endo’s story at the Washington State Horse Expo! The pair will also demonstrate liberty work, Working Equitation, and Morgan will show us how she communicates with Endo and discuss the challenges of training a blind horse.

Dally & Spanky (Francesca & the Dynamic Duo)

Spanky is a miniature horse who rescued by Rother Horsemanship. Their sidekick Dally is a Jack Russell Terrier who was the runt of her litter. Francesca (of Rother Horsemanship) is their owner and trainer. The famous Breyer Model Horse company released the “Dally and Spanky” model July 2017 at Breyerfest, where they got to meet thousands of their fans. Dally and Spanky have performed at the prestigious WA DC International Jumping show, The Del Mar international jumping show as well as numerous horse expos in the US and Canada. They even have their own book: The Great Adventures of Dally and Spanky and their own coloring book (available at the expo)

The Dynamic duo have been featured on National Geographic wild TV, appeared on the David Letterman show and won at the World Dog awards in Hollywood. They have even been featured on Japanese TV! Their Video The“Triple Jump” has over 23 million views and has been featured on TV shows around the globe. We are excited to announce that they will be performing in the Sat Eve Show, as well as doing an autograph session each day, so don’t miss the opportunity to get your photo taken with them. (We will be posting times) To visit them on social Media go to DallyandSpanky on Facebook, Instagram and youtube!



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Volcano Ridge Mounted Archers, a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Clark County WA, are the largest mounted archery group in the US with the top of the line Mounted Archery Range.

We believe that the through mounted archery and all of its associated disciplines and activities, we can help enrich our community by a providing a positive educational environment. We strive to achieve our objectives through our youth scholarship program, veteran support and our 2 nd chance equine program. Through education and training of the time honored tradition and martial art, mounted archery helps connect people together in our community, providing them an experience that helps us develop and teach.

BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe

The BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe consists of many amazing men and women who dedicate their time, horses and other resources to help Clark County and the surrounding community throughout the year. Performing at the many events during the year brings our members and horses in contact with hundreds of community members. We see the fulfillment of our mission when we see the smiles on the faces of the audience, and many times the tears in the eyes of some as they connect with the horses and the riders. The Black Pearl mission statement encompasses what our troupe strives to do throughout the year. The BlackPearl Friesian Association is dedicated to serving our community by bringing Joy & Healing to both Horses & Humans alike through Equine Performance Art in events that contribute to and successfully support our local charities.


Grail Quest Varekai, otherwise known as Varekai (or ‘Kai’), is a 7 year old Friesian stallion. He joined the BlackPearl Friesian Dance Troupe in the summer of 2017. As Friesians present a variety of ‘body types’, depending on their breeding, Varekai exhibits a cross between the ‘baroque’ and ‘classic’ build of Friesian. His bloodline also boasts lots of hair, as is evident by his long, thick mane and tail! Varekai has a wonderful temperament. He enjoys being with people and is just a ‘happy guy’ all around! He has been trained, not only to be ridden, but also to drive a cart, and is an active breeding stallion as well. Varekai is owned by Lauri LaSabre Grell and ridden by BlackPearl Mystie Munsey.

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