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Equine Challenge

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Ride, race, & win up to 10,000 in cash & prizes at the 2018 Washington State Horse Expo!

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This is your chance to show off your skills with your equine partner! You will be judged on obstacles, flat work and time. It will be a 2 Judge System. Scoring will be based on horsemanship, presentation, obstacle approach, cadence and time. A preliminary round will be held starting on Friday, March 2nd. The top 10 will be invited to Sunday's finals, plus 2 wild cards. Don't miss out on the fun!

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What Is The Competition?

  • Part Pattern Work - English and Western Maneuvers
  • Part Obstacles - Random Obstacles Will Be Part Of The Course
  • Part Time - The top times will be rewarded with extra points
  • Part Horsemanship - You will be scored on how well you communicate with your horse
  • Part Cadence - You will be scored on the overall flow of your performance
  • Part Approach - You will be scored on how consistent your horse is with the obstacles
  • Two Judges will be judging each round
  • Prizes to top 4 riders
  • Each obstacle/maneuver will be scored on a + or - .5, 1, 1.5 so that the scores are more consistent.
  • All Levels of riders are welcome


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This 3-day event is designed to help you reach a new level of horsemanship with your equine partner! It will be an exciting weekend of equine course challenges (a mix of obstacles and flat work), comradery, and great horsemanship. We can’t wait!

The Equine Challenge is a perfect fit for those who want to follow their passion, show off their horse, improve horsemanship abilities, and hang out with friends.

Often times, when we get to an event, things have the potential to take a downward spiral. Stress and anxiousness can take over and you and your horse may struggle to maintain focus during an exciting event. Not to worry, we are here to help. One of the toughest challenges is to keep your horse focused while trusting new surroundings.

We have a solution! We are offering a clinic to give both you and your horse the opportunity to get "your head in the game" and check things out before it is “go” time.

“The path to good horsemanship is accomplished by riding and showing up, daily. Let me tell you, as soon as you figure out some of the key elements that I will be teaching you on this weekend, your horsemanship will go from Zero to Hero almost overnight. That means, you are just 'one ride away' from becoming the rider that you want to be!” Said Steve Rother about the Equine Challenge.

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