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Event Services

Decorator, Electrical & Security Services

The Event Center has a limited inventory of equipment available for rent.
For full decorating services, the following vendors are pre-approved:

Trade Show Supply House, Inc.
Contact: Brian Brammer
Located at the Event Center

Your Party & Event Center
Contact: Pauline Mulcahy

Spectra Food Services has the exclusive rights to all concessions (food and alcohol) and catering at the Event Center.

Brian Mistovich - General Manager
Spectra Food Services
(360) 816-7056

Hollywood Lights is the exclusive provider of power and electrical distribution at the Event Center.

Contact: Gary Sorrels, Event Services Manager
Hollywood Lights
(503) 232-8959

Due to public safety and the liabilities involved in event security, crowd management and emergency services, only the following companies are approved to provide security services at the Event Center. All other companies would need prior approval by FSMG. FSMG reserves the right to provide, at LICENSEE's sole expense, a minimum amount of security personnel and/or alcohol monitors necessary to ensure public safety and the safety of the Event Center.

Coast to Coast Event Services, Inc.
Contact: Shana Anderson
(503) 235-2585

Blue Line Security Courier
Contact: Ben LaFountaine

Stew Dodge Sound
Contact: Stew Dodge

Cascade Sound & Stage Lighting

Stages Northwest - Event Staging and Stage Rentals


Telecommunications & Natural Gas Orders

Telecommunications Orders:
All phone and data lines are ordered through FSMG.
Submit completed forms to the Administrative Office for processing.

To receive the advanced order rate, completed forms and payment must be submitted to the Administrative Office at least 14 days prior to load-in of the event. Orders received after that time will be charged the Floor Order rate and must be paid with cash or credit card. For questions or assistance in completing the order form please call 360.397.6180.

Order includes line only (no telephone unit). Exhibitor will be expected to provide any and all equipment used on the analog and internet lines provided by FSMG.
Analog Line Charges:

Advance Order Analog Line: $140.00
Floor Order Analog Line: $175.00
Additional Advance Order Analog Line: $100.00
Additional Floor Order Analog Line: $135.00
Advance Order Data Line: $140.00
Floor Order Data Line: $175.00
Natural Gas Service Orders

There are a number of locations where Natural Gas service can be provided in the Exhibition Hall.
Complete and submit the Natural Gas Service Order Form to the FSMG office for processing. For questions or assistance completing the form call 360.397.6180.

To receive the Advance Order rate, orders must be received with full payment a minimum of 14 days prior to load-in. Orders received after that time will be charged the Floor Order rate and must be paid with cash or credit card.

Note: Floor Orders may not be able to be accommodated due to the logistics of the gas lines. Please order early.

Advance Order: $125.00
Floor Order: $160.00
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