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Contact Information

MAIN OFFICE: 360.397.6180

Executive Director/Fair Manager/CEO
John Morrison
Direct: 360.397.6149
Email: JohnM@cceventcenter.org

Director of Sales and Events
Kathy Sulla
Direct: 360.397.2083
Email: KathyS@cceventcenter.org

Event Manager
Chris Huggett
Direct: 360.397.2085

Event Manager
Tiffany Cassidy
Direct: 360.397.6066
Email: TiffanyC@cceventcenter.org

Director of Operations
Jason Young
Direct: 360.397.6170
Email: JasonY@cceventcenter.org

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.

Director of Marketing & Sponsorship
Tawnia Linde
Direct: 360.397.2089
Email: TawniaL@cceventcenter.org

Digital Media Specialist
Hayden Schuster
Direct: 360.397.2459
Email: HaydenS@cceventcenter.org

Director of Finance
Amy Deshazer
Direct: 360.397.6126

Finance Assistant
Susan Russell
Direct: 360.397.6145
Email: Susanr@cceventcenter.org

Administrative Assistant
Cindy Strong
Main Line: 360.397.6180

Administrative Assistant
April Fivecoats
Main Line: 360.397.6068
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